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Born in Congo, Bernadette Reginster is a trained interior decorator holding a degree delivered by the CAD High School in Brussels. She developed her talent and gained technique by attending various artists’ workshops and most significantly the Ateliers Malou in Brussels, a famed art school in Brussels. Since a few years, she attends courses in the sculpture’s section of the Academy of Arts of Brussels and got a 'big distinction' in 2013.


Bernadette spent her first fifteen years in Africa. There she discovered her natural aptitude for drawing and experiences different drawing techniques. Her first works were highlighted with pencil, gouache or ink. Later, Bernadette concentrated on water coloring figurative themes inspired by landscapes and rural scenes as well as her travel experience.


When she discovered the inspiring power of abstraction, she turned to it, mainly using the technique of the “glacis” that gives depth and profoundness to the painted work, mastering colors and harmony of tones, matching vivid colors, creating flawless morphing and color gradients on stunning abstract themes. By literally deconstructing the original image to re-design something in which the subject reaching a new dimension, the artist manages to shed light and give autonomous life to her works.


Being shocked by 911 tragedy and in particular the collapse of the Twin Towers, she started intensive historical research work on the city of New York to find out how it looked like some hundred years ago. She worked for a full period of five years on this theme, collecting books and rare photographs, printed documentation and papers figuring out NY in the past. This immersion in the life of the City was the source of a new inspiration leading to an original work based on assembling various photographs in a mix of genuine material and imaging processing.


Bernadette presented and exhibited a large number of her works at the AAF in New York in 2012. She regularly participates in exhibitions and art fairs in Europe, but also abroad.


Since then, she took back spatulas and brushes and works wire, china or the soda in the blowtorch (see her installation 'WTC'). She tries permanently to fall in new works. Interested in "Arte Povera", she reuses waste or packagings for her creations and so works at the respect for the planet by recyclings.


Bernadette portrays herself as an emotion driven multifaceted person, inspired by impressions gathered travelling abroad and the numerous problems of ecology. She permanently seeks to reproduce into new pieces of art.


A large number of paintings of Bernadette belong already to private collections abroad.


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