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I wish you Welcome and a pleasant trip in my ‘Multiple’ world.

My artistic approach generally arises from my numerous reflections and readings or of distant journeys.

The first emotion is the basic element.

The choice of the subject, the recording and the lighting are materials which allow a systematic destruction for a new pictural, photographic or architectural composition where the subject takes a new dimension.

It is thus useful to forget the first moment to return to the main part of the image by a work of purge.

Then through the reconstruction, through the choice of colors and material, I end in a new work where the basic idea gives way to an original work.



"As well as the role of the poet since the famour letter of the clairvoyant consist in writing under the dictation of what thinks, what articulates in him, the role of the painter is to encircle and to throw what sees itself in him”


Max Ernst's sentence quoted by Maurice Merleau-Ponty (‘L'œil et l'esprit’ ; Gallimard 1964, Folio Essais p.30)


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