Like an idiot Pigeon
With your gray dress
Like a curious spy
On my glass you break

Your name is so apt
You really are nothing
My lawn will be saved
And your patched holes

You can't fly anymore
Not even cry
But one of your wings
Of your life remains beautiful




I am 'Bitis Gabonica'.
Curious, I went to the gardens
I was going down to Katanga
Where I surprised the kids.

Venomous, I was dangerous
I found myself like a fool
Betrayed by the vigorous boy
Who was no fool.

When I was going under the fence
It was much worse than a car
Surprised by a machete
My body was left without a head

My nerves were still working
My long tail was wiggling
I was just a poor animal
Who could do no more harm.



Long live the New-Year 

My heart wishes you for the coming year
A Heart that yearns for the Righteous, the Beautiful and the Good
May you turn your anger into forgiveness
Tame your fears, forget the sorrows

I wish you Perfumes, Flavors and Desires
Savor all the pleasures offered to you
May each event make you grow
Receive and Give with an Open Heart

Find your way and those who love you
By releasing all your buried Goodness
By engaging in beautiful Actions
Relieve the sorrows of those you meet



Long Live 2020!

I offer you this beautiful message of Hope 
 Happiness, in which we must always believe 
 Beautiful wishes for Health and Hope 
 Each new year brings us a lot of new Chances

May you always be honest and integrity 
 Even when you are in the middle of a Conquest
 As for backbiting in all circumstances 
 Flee there without knowing its content 

May this renewal prepare you 1000 Gleams
 Time teaches us to become Better 
 Let him give us a thousand reasons to hope 
 May Joy and Beauty come back tomorrow 

That the future offers reasons to Love
 And teaches us that everything can start again
 That 2020 bring you sweet Madness 
 Success, Happiness and a United Family… 


Like sisters…

Creole and Congolese, we hold hands,
Our hearts having same roots and memories,
Our sorrows and sadness posed on parchment,
At all times, our emotions flash back.

All the love and joys that mark our youth,
The smell of wet earth after each drought,
Lush vegetation in the rainy season,
And the snake with the sharp fangs that we flee.

Thousands of swallows that have come to breed,
Placing their nests under our roofs to dazzle us.
So many tales and legends rocked our childhood,
Beneath a very kindness and soft light.

The fragrance of flowers and exotic fruits,
The steep paths that are far too authentic,
Climbing on termite mounds in abundance,
The taste for bright colors, songs and dance.

The happiness of certain prohibited swimming,
Despite everything, causing ugly bronchitis,
Fortunately, quickly forgotten by so much joy,
The sound of bush animals and the tigress.

Watching myriad of white butterflies,
On the hedges and clumps near the flamboyant,
The exquisite taste of sun-ripened mangoes,
While our nannies kindly watch over us,

Morning songs of the rooster and the hens,
Our very cute rabbits walking so quietly,
And chameleons, always very haughty,

Will forever haunt our days and nights ...
Africa, so sweet to our hearts, we love you!
Udongo wa Afrika, nakupenda!
‘Swallow’ is my totem…


Praise of the foot…

Pretty little feet, scamper a whole life
Do not be two in the same shoe,
The way is under your feet, whatever the size,
Be joyful and dance to madness …

Stay down to earth to discover the world,
Do not allow yourself to be trampled on,
Stay forever in a vagabond mood,
Discover life like a baby its pacifier…

Stay down to earth to discover the world,
Do not allow yourself to be trampled on,
Stay forever in a vagabond world,
Discover life like a baby its nipple

If by any chance, they remained untamed,
What would become of them broken or damaged,
Will they live underground or like a beautiful flamboyant?
Moss covered or forever festive?

As long as they stay alive and beautiful present,
Always life will end… feet in front!


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