They talk about my creations:
press clippings

For an artist, having the opportunity to exhibit his works is the fruit of years of work. As a visual artist, I was delighted at the creation of each painting in Laeken. After numerous exhibitions in art gallery, I had the chance to see 'the description of my work' in various articles

Press clippings

My works have regularly been the subject of reviews and criticisms

The pleasure of creating

I try to pass energy and vibration in each work I create. Plastic artist born in the Congo, my travels influenced my work. Particular attention is paid to colour, light, and tension in the composition. Some publications also mention my painting.

Contact me

 Want to know more about my art? Do not hesitate to contact me by phone or via the online form. I greatly appreciate questions and interpellations, always opportunities for fruitful and constructive exchanges. From any creation (painting, sculpture etc ...), I work in Laeken, Brussels